Quicktime VR looks much better if your monitor is set to "thousands of colors" instead of "hundreds of colors" (256). If your monitor is set at 256 colors (8 bit depth), then all the Quicktime VRs you view will look a little splotchy and grainy.

Windows users: to increase your color bit depth:

1. open "Control Panels folderdouble click "Display" icon

2. click the "Settings" tab in the "Color Palette" pull down menu,

3. select "True Color (32 bit)" if you can, otherwise, choose "High Color (16 bit)."

4. CLICK the APPLY BUTTON (in the bottom right corner) Close the windows and you are done.

Mac users: to increase your color bit depth:

1. Pull down Apple menu to select and open the Control Panels folder. Open the Monitors (& Sound) Control Panel

2. Select "millions" (or "thousands") with your mouse. Close window, you are done.


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