Christopher Mann,

photographer, Quicktime VR creator/producer

-You can visit Christopher's commercial photography website at Christopher Mann Photography, and view his online portfolio.

-After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in television and film production, Christopher worked for 2 years in the film production business. He then made the switch to still photography when he moved to Paris and assisted fashion photographers there for a year. Then he moved to New York City where he lived and worked as a freelance photographer for 6 years.

-Now Christopher is back in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He has been creating photographs for architects, real estate developers, design studios, advertising agencies, and corporations. His pictures are used in brochures, multimedia productions, magazines, and annual reports.

-12 years ago Christopher was introduced to Quicktime VR. He immediately recognized that this technology would be very useful to large corporations that needed compelling content for their web pages. He also believed strongly that almost everything he had done in his career had prepared him to be among the very best Quicktime VR producers/creators.

-Christopher is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers).

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